fall camping

The best things about fall camping according to us

You sigh as you see the sun set a little bit earlier every day, knowing it is truly the end of summer. The end of summer road trips, lazy days on the beach and family camping trips.

In the coming weeks though, something wonderful will happen here in West Michigan and the surrounding states…. The weather starts to cool and you break out your favorite college football team sweatshirt, pumpkin spice lattes become a regular part of your morning, family campfires on the weekends aren’t spent slapping bugs away, tailgating at your favorite team’s football game is all you can think about during the week and the most beautiful part of it all, the leaves start to change and that fall color tour you’ve been thinking about becomes a reality.

Here are just some of the things that we think are the best about fall camping and reasons why you should hop in your RV with your family this autumn season.

  1. It’s colder. Yep, we said it. Though we all love the sun to an extent, the fall presents weather that is just about perfect. Not too hot, not too cold, just perfect for nature hikes without sweating bullets, campfires while cuddled up in your favorite sweatshirt and you get to turn off the air conditioning in your RV. Ahhhhhh….
  2. Fall color tours. Michigan and the surrounding areas have some of the most astounding and beautiful places to watch the spectacular site of the trees changing colors. If you haven’t ever done this before, please, we beg of you, get out there and see it. Use this map provided by the MEDC and Pure Michigan to see when the ideal time to go is: http://www.michigan.org/fall/ depending on the area of the state.
  3. Cheaper rates. We all want to save a buck don’t we? Well, this is the time to do it. Summer rates are always higher. RV parks and campgrounds lower their rates starting after Labor Day. Here is another great source to find the best campground for you and your family here in MI: http://www.michigan.org/campgrounds-rv-parks/
  4. More availability. Spontaneity is one of the great excitements of life right, well not with summer camping. If you don’t start booking your summer trips during the winter, finding the campground and the campsite you want are a near impossibility. Not in the fall! Take that last minute trip if you want and get that perfect spot you pined after this summer.
  5. Fewer crowds. Okay so, it can be fun to meet new people while you’re camping in the summer, but isn’t it nice sometimes to just sit back and relax without your neighbors kids hitting you in the head with their beachball or their dog barking at everything that moves? Yes, yes it is. So what are you waiting for?!
  6. Less bugs. I don’t think we need to explain this one any further, unless slathering on layers of cortisone cream on your 60 mosquito bites is your idea of fun. To each their own!
  7. Different activities. Cider mills, hayrides, color tour hikes, fishing for different types of fish, corn maze, scenic hot air balloon rides, Halloween activities, art projects inspired by fall abundances. We could go on an on!
  8. Tailgating. Okay this isn’t exactly camping, but come on! What beats parking your RV outside of the stadium, putting the pregame up on your outdoor TV, firing up the grill and enjoying this time with your closest family and friends.

Okay we should go right now, who’s with us?!




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