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One Easy Step to Winterize Your RV!

I’m sure you’ve browsed through many articles on how to winterize your RV. We’ll we’ve got the answer for you in one easy step!

Step one - don’t do it!

Yep, you heard it here. We want you to get back in that RV and find the best places to travel and camp during the winter months. 

Bears have been doing it for lifetimes and we seem to take their lead on hibernating during the winter, but what fun is that? Let’s get out there and camp! We’ll be writing a three part series about ways to enjoy winter RV camping. Our first suggestion is to go someplace you haven’t been before right here in beautiful Michigan!

Michigan is full of majestic places to visit during the winter. We always hear people say that there isn’t much to do in Michigan during our cold snowy months, but we beg to differ! Here are some places and activities you can do while you’re camping.

First, plan on finding a park that is open for winter camping. Here is a link to the Michigan DNR site that gives a great list. There are many private campgrounds that are also open during the winter

Michigan DNR Winter Campground List

Our suggestion is Tahquamenon Falls State Park. Would you believe you can actually see frozen waterfalls right here in Michigan? Trust us, it’s a sight to see.

Tahquamenon Falls In the Winter

Other ideas while you’re out and about include, snowshoeing (seriously fun if you haven’t done it before), cross country skiing, sledding, downhill skiing or snowboarding, winter hiking and what can be better than a warm camp fire outside your RV while roasting marshmallows.

Join us for a winter camping trip in Michigan this winter! If you don’t own an RV and want to see if this is something for you, check out our Rental Department .  We have lots of RV’s that are great for winter camping!

Join us next week for our suggestions on what RV's will make it through the cold weather like this and tips and tricks for how what you can do to still use your RV that doesn't currently have a winter package on it. 



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